Turn health and dental expenses into tax-free benefit reimbursments to employees that are 100% tax deductible to the business. 

All Business Structures Qualify for Health Spending Accounts: 

Incorporated Business • Professional Corporations  • Sole Proprietorships

Health & Dental 

MediDirect HSA:

With an HSA, medical & dental expenses are 100% 
tax deductible to the business
  • Each business structure has defined rules and regulations set out in the Income Tax Act
  • Allow shareholder/owners to receive tax-free money from the business
  • Have no monthly premiums or deductibles


Health expenses that do not fit within CRA’s definition of medical and dental expenses can be covered.

  • Wellness expenses are taxable benefits
  • Employees receive full reimbursement for added health costs
  • MediDirect records and provides reporting to business for employee T4 taxable benefits
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